'I'm As Big As' Height Chart

‘I’m As Big As’ Height Chart



Product Description

The ‘I’m As Big As…’ Height Chart is a hilarious way of finding out what your height compares to in the real world. Maybe you’re as tall as a baby giraffe or the size of a Great White Shark’s open mouth – the ‘I’m As Big As…’ wall chart will tell you exactly where you stand when it comes to your height. There are 190 different comparisons ranging from a drawing pin to ‘taller than this and you’re a giant’. Invite your friends round and see what weird and wonderful things you’re as big as. – L.M. Feature: A height chart with 190 measurement comparisons ranging from the practical to the downright bizarre Just make sure the bottoms touching the floor and stick it to the wall like you would any poster Suitable for ages 3+ Size: 210 x 16.5 cm

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